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With decades of experience, my team and I have learned that there’s no typical or monolithic buyer. One day, we might find ourselves helping a first-time homebuyer with a million questions and little money for a down payment. Later that afternoon, it’s a corporate transferee and a homebuying veteran who needs a broker/concierge to help them find the right property. Whatever your needs, we have a history of successfully matching buyers with a team member who understands the market in which they’re searching. And, regardless of the price point, our buyers enjoy advantages over the competition because of the tool kit of strategies and knowledge that we bring to the table.
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The Mark Siwiec Real Estate Team
  • Because of changing market conditions- and, changing technologies- we’re constantly updating the strategies that we employ so that our clients have the greatest opportunity to succeed. This past year, a great deal of our focus had to do with the challenges associated with bidding wars. What are the advantages and disadvantages of asking for an engineer’s inspection? What kind of an escalation clause is most appropriate for this transaction? Does the seller have any hidden needs that we can use to our advantage?
  • Our team has access to a small army of professionals with whom we collaborate. It’s not unusual for us to be speaking to a mortgage broker at 9:00 on a Thursday night or conferring with an attorney at 3:00 on a Saturday afternoon. Decisions often need to be made quickly and the ability to access expert advice at the drop of a hat can often be the difference between victory and loss.
Why You Should
Work With Us
The Mark Siwiec Real Estate Team
There are many reasons why it is that 78% of our team's business is referral-based. However, one of the primary reasons for our success is due to the fact that we do a great job of melding the tough-as-nails world of big business and corporate America with heart, kindness, and integrity. We hope that you’ll consider contacting us!
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