How to Prepare Your Home for Market

  1. Make it Sparkle. A fresh coat of paint in every room will freshen things up and make your home look great. It’s the best investment of time and money you can make to enhance your sale!
  2. Pass the White Glove Test. Every room and surface should be clean and ready for company, including the basement.
  3. Light Bright. Your rooms will look their best with the curtains and drapes open in the daytime and every light (even inside the closets) turned on for nighttime showings.
  4. Fix It. Take care of all minor repairs before you open the doors to your first prospective buyer. The condition of your kitchen and bath are especially important, so fix that leaky faucet, regrout the tub and replace that torn screen now.
  5. No Clutter. This is a good time to clean out your closets, cupboards, garage, basement, and attic. Putting some of your knick-knacks and unused items into temporary storage will make your home look more spacious and efficient.
  6. Be Street Wise. First impressions really count. Increase your curb appeal by planting flowers, hanging a wreath on the front door, keeping the lawn mowed and edges trimmed, putting away the hose, and touching up any loose paint. Don’t forget to pick up the kids' bikes and toys (and clean up after the family pets)!
  7. Sorry, Pooch. Speaking of pets, they may be a treasured part of your family, but not everyone will love them the way you do. Be extra vigilant to remove all pet odors and clean up around the feeding area. And, of course, pets should never be underfoot during a showing.
  8. Details Count. Fresh flowers in the dining room, a colorful fruit basket on the kitchen table, new matching towels in the bathroom, a pretty wreath on the front door—all of these things will make your home look warm and inviting. Remove anything that may be a distraction, such as personal care products on display in the bathroom, stacks of mail and various items on the bedroom dresser, etc. Also, avoid overpowering air fresheners and potpourri.
  9. Relax! You’re in good hands. We’ll help you with all of the exciting decisions ahead. Our team has the experience and knowledge to make your home sale go as smoothly as possible.
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