FAQ – Why Should I Use a Professional Photographer When Listing my Home?

Why you should use a professional photographerIf you've ever been house hunting, then I'm sure you've seen it. A listing pops up on Zillow or your MLS search and all you can say is, "What were they thinking...?" The photographs look like they were taken on an old Android cell phone. Poor quality, dim lighting, weird angles. There are dishes in the kitchen sink. Clothes scattered across the bedroom floor. Wet, mismatched towels strung up on the bathroom door hooks. The absolute last thing that these photos do is entice you to walk through the home. So, you move on to the next listing.

Unfortunately, the sellers of this property are probably unaware that any of this is happening behind the scenes. Perhaps they chose an inexperienced real estate agent. Maybe they decided to try and sell their home themselves. Either way, their decision to forgo a real estate agent that can produce professional, high quality photographs has actually precluded them from encouraging prospective buyers to walk through their home and potentially write a purchase offer.

Below, our Listing & Advertising Manager has highlighted some significant differences between regular photos and those taken by a professional photographer with a high quality camera and an eye for staging. While the variances might not jump off the page to you, they can be the difference between a house selling within the first 48 hours and sitting on the market for 120 days...

The reality is, you don't have much time to capture a potential buyer's interest. Let us maximize your visibility and, ultimately, get your home sold quickly and for top dollar! If you’re thinking of selling in the near future, give us a call today for a free consultation. (585) 330-8750

Poor quality home photo Good quality home photo
Poor quality home photo Good quality home photo
Poor quality home photo Good quality home photo
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