DOS and DON'TS for Staging Your Home

do any major renovations.

Instead, focus your time and money on smaller updates – get rid of any wallpaper, touch up paint, remove old, dated, or matted carpets, replace light bulbs, etc. You may even consider slightly larger projects such as updating counter tops, neutralizing paint with a Pottery Barn color palette, swapping out outdated fixtures, etc. Resist the urge to take on an entire kitchen renovation… this money will be better spent in your new place!

DON’T run out and purchase all new furniture.

Sure, this may seem obvious, but people do some irrational things when they’re getting ready to sell their house!! Chances are, the reason your home won’t sell will have nothing to do with the actual furniture. Perhaps you just have too much of it. Consider removing, cleaning, or sprucing up your existing furniture to make it more appealing. A new bedspread, some fresh linens, and clean towels can go a long way!

DON’T take it personally!

The transition from “homeowner” to “home seller” can be tough… My best advice is to think of your home as a product – not as the place where you raised your children or moved in for the first time with your spouse. Take any of our criticism or suggestions as free advice on how to make your product live up to its highest potential ($$$).

DO spruce up your curb appeal!

First impressions matter… Plant some flowers, mow the lawn, put out a welcome mat. Trim the bushes, pull up weeds, and sweep walkways. Of course, if it’s winter, make the property as accessible as possible – plow the driveway and clear any pathways.

DO clean, clean, CLEAN!

Dust, vacuum, Windex the windows, mop the floors. Do your best to limit any odors, especially from pets, smoking, or cooking. And don’t forget about your closets! Organize any unruly towels and linens and store away toiletries and medications. Clean until you can’t clean anymore. And then clean, again. Think: “the in-laws are in town”…

DO declutter.

Although they may not be superfluous to you, store away those figurines, newspaper piles, shoes, laundry, teacup collections - whatever! Even family photos, religious statues, & fridge magnets… Yes, these may be near and dear to your heart, but I promise that buyers would prefer to see your beautiful home, not your stuff. Less is more!

DO ask for help!!

Seriously. If you’re stuck, consider calling in a professional stager. Or, if you’ve chosen to work with us, we’d be more than happy to come over and help. Never be afraid to call in reinforcements!
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