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Whenever it is that a prospective seller comes to me with questions about which updates will yield the highest profit when preparing their home for market, the response is always the same. Value comes from aesthetic upgrades, not mechanical ones. Buyers will pay more for a beautifully renovated kitchen or recently upgraded bathroom. They won't however, pay more simply because you updated the plumbing or replaced the roof. When a buyer visualizes him or herself in a home, they're already expecting that mechanical and structural systems will be in working order. If you've ever solicited my advice to sell your property, read any of my real estate blogs, or follow our semi-annual newsletters, then chances are, you've heard this before.

What I've found in my 30 years selling real estate is that, although this all sounds reasonable, sellers often have a difficult time believing it. Perhaps they don't realize exactly how much money they might forgo by choosing not to replace old, matted carpets or slap a fresh coat of paint on dingy walls. If, like so many others, you find yourself skeptical of this advice, just take a look at our listing below...

When this property was listed, the seller chose to take a chance and hold off on replacing carpets and painting the interior. Unfortunately, dozens of prospective buyers walked through and found themselves uninspired, ultimately choosing to write offers on other properties. Our seller reduced the price and did so again until ultimately dropping their list price a full $35,000. Finally, we collectively decided to take the property off the market and utilize the services of Sekula’s Precision Painting and Stafford Flooring. Within 24 hours of relisting, the property sold! And to put it bluntly, the seller was not disappointed…

If you're thinking of listing your home in the near future, remember that smaller changes such as these can have a HUGE impact on both the length of time that the property sits on the market and, ultimately, the price that you get for it. Call us today for a consultation! (585) 330-8750

Diningroom before Diningroom after
Livingroom before Livingroom after
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