Mid-October Report (2019)

Autumn leavesOctober Market Update

I always look forward to the month of October - I love fall foliage, all things Halloween, and the start of the holiday season. It's also that point in the calendar year when real estate begins to slow down. I begin to think about catching up with friends, spending more time at the gym, and reading one of the many books that have begun to stack up in my Kindle. The number of new listings coming on the market begins to diminish, as do the number of buyers looking to purchase.

This month, however, is different. Our team has doubled our sales volume from October of last year and the number of new properties that we will be listing in the next few weeks far surpasses that which we've experienced in years past. Over the course of the next fourteen days, we'll be listing six or seven new properties totaling some figure north of $3.5 million.

At the moment, I'm not quite sure why this is playing out or how widespread the phenomenon is. I'm simply going to ride the wave until the 28th of November when I plan on taking the day off to enjoy a pile of mashed potatoes and turkey smothered in gravy!
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