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Josh Bartolotta

(585) 461-6376

Nicole Martyniuk
Operations Manager

Nicole oversees the endless daily operations of the office. What exactly does this mean? This includes, but is certainly not limited to, providing support for each member of the team, managing finances, and facilitating the many reports that are needed to effectively manage a real estate office. All of the office’s human resource needs are taken care of by Nicole. This requires constant communication with all members of the team. Nicole ensures that everything in the office runs smoothly, effectively, and efficiently. And makes certain that we're all happy while doing so!



Dana Epperson
Listing Coordinator

As the Listing Coordinator, Dana takes care of all of the paperwork that is included in the listing of a property. In addition to this, she handles all of our photography, gathers pertinent information, and writes eloquent descriptions of each and every home. Dana is responsible for ensuring that the entire listing process runs smoothly and that the seller knows exactly what is to be expected when listing their home. One of the most integral parts of her job is to make certain that clients are comfortable, knowledgeable, and prepared when choosing to put their home on the market.

                 (585) 461-6373         d ana

                (585) 461-6373


                (585) 461-6371

               (585) 461-6371

Yvonne Lovenguth
Director of Transactions

Yvonne is responsible for all pending contracts. While Mark negotiates contracts, she oversees the process from acceptance of the purchase offer to closing. In this, she ensures accuracy in all written contracts, coordinates inspections, appraisals, and final walk throughs. She corresponds with attorneys, mortgage brokers, and other agents to make certain that all deadlines are met in a timely manner. Yvonne is a licensed real estate salesperson who is responsible for all of the contractual processes that accompany a real estate transaction. Yvonne will make sure that you finish your sale on a high note!



Marissa Pixley
Director of Brand Marketing/Lead Manager

Marissa is responsible for all of our team’s marketing materials. This includes, for example, maintaining our website, revamping our listing presentation booklets, and compiling our annual mailings. She is also in charge of all of Mark’s social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. Marissa regularly contributes to our blog on and is responsible for party/event planning for both Mark and the team. In addition to this, she is responsible for managing our CRM database, which includes lead management and tracking.

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Adrian Winter

(585) 461-6370

Adrian Winter
Property Manager

As our Property Manager, Adrian is responsible for managing all of Mark Siwiec’s many rental properties throughout the Rochester area. This includes leasing, advertising, organizing maintenance calls and repairs, and managing construction renovations, as is the case with newly purchased property on 56 Berkeley Street. This year, we’ve also decided to hire a full time maintenance person who will report directly to Adrian. If you’re looking to rent in some of the best neighborhoods in downtown Rochester, Adrian is your guy!




Jennifer Wolfe
Client Relations Specialist


(585) 461-6377



Client Concierge Services

Throughout the entire home sale/purchase process, which can undoubtedly prove to be a stressful time, the Executive Team ensures that our clients remain in a good place. It is our collective goal to provide the best customer service that we possibly can! Whether you’re looking for recommendations for a roofer, need assistance with the moving process, or would like advice about paint colors, give us a call. We are always happy to help!