5 Things to Consider When Choosing Your New Neighborhood

Guest blog contributed by Elise Morgan

House hunting? Remember, you are not only looking only for a home, but also a community you will be part of@

Finding your dream home may be an easy undertaking, but factoring in other aspects such as proximity, budget, and necessities, can make it more difficult to narrow down. Buying a house means also you're investing in a neighborhood.

Here are 5 things to consider when choosing a neighborhood:

1. Safety/Crime

Getting a home with a beautiful yard will do you no good if it keeps on getting vandalized. As much as your real estate agent may provide resources on the safety of the neighborhood, they are prohibited by the Federal Fair Housing Laws from commenting on such matters.

That's why you need to conduct sufficient research before making up your mind. You can always learn about neighborhood safety from sites like safety.com and crimereports.com just to mention a few.

You can also narrow down your search by typing the name of the city on a search engine and looking for crime statistics by neighborhood.

Always remember, it's better to be safe than sorry!

2. Diversity Matters

For a community to thrive, diversity is of the paramount essence.

diversified community goes beyond race, gender, and sexual orientation. This may seem like a basic notion but imagine a situation where 50 percent of a population doesn't want to join a community because they don't feel comfortable or think they are not welcomed.

This scenario cuts out a pool of 50 percent of the population who are probably filled with talent. Of course, this will derail the community's development.

3. Great Schools

If you have kids or planning to have some in the future, this aspect should be on top of your bucket list when choosing a neighborhood. Remember, even you don't have kids, being close to a good school system will have a significant impact on your property's resale value and attractiveness in the future.

You might be wondering how do you obtain this information? With the age of the internet, you can find almost everything online. Importantly, as much as the Federal Fair Housing Laws prohibit real estate agents on commenting on such matters, you can always ask them to recommend online resources that will shed light on school system on the neighborhood in question.

4. Rising Home prices

Buying a home is tantamount to an investment. Increasing home value is the linchpin of a great neighborhood.

Remember, home prices are on the increase every day in the US. So the question you should be asking yourself is how significant is the growth rate?

5. Convenience

Do you enjoy walking to and from your daily chores? Do you love to work out? These are some of the questions you should be asking yourself.

A good neighborhood should be proximal to all of your basic and secondary needs. You don't want to be stuck in a neighborhood that you will have to incur extra expenses to access these amenities.


Overall, finding a perfect home means finding a perfect neighborhood. A place where you can sleep better at night. After all, you live only once!