FAQ - Why Should I Use a Team?


Before answering this question, let me first address the number one concern that prospective clients pose, “Will I ever see or hear from you?” The simple and direct answer is an emphatic “YES!” There are many different team models and strategies, some more successful than others. My model ensures that our team of skilled professionals are engaged in their particular area of expertise so that I can spend my time working with clients.

OK. So, why use a team?

  • Each member of our team has a particular expertise. In other words, you’re enjoying the benefits of having multiple professionals working on your behalf.

  • We can be in multiple places at the same time – a benefit that proves to be incredibly useful when you sell over $63,000,000 worth of real estate a year!

  • As a result of having thirteen colleagues, we sell more property. As a result of selling more property, our clients benefit. How? Our buyers are made aware of our listings before they hit the market. In turn, our sellers have a multitude of buyers focused exclusively on your listing early and often.

  • As a result of our team, you have a professional focused solely on ensuring that deadlines are met and your transaction closes in a timely manner – with less stress.

  • Still not convinced? Think of your doctor – one highly trained professional supported by a group of specialists. This system works.

  • Finally, there are more of us to enjoy. Seriously! I love my team – and so do our clients. Everyone is warm, engaged, sympathetic, and kind. Why wouldn’t you want to spend your time with affable professionals?