Meet Mella & Stella Horne!


Marissa and her fiance, Trevor, welcomed Carmella (Mella for short) six years ago when she was just a 5-pound ball of caramel colored fur. Due to the combination of Rottweiler, Labrador, and Husky breeds, Mella quickly grew into her 90-pound frame. From the very beginning, Mella was an incredibly smart, unbelievably behaved, and eerily human-like member of the family, having only ONE accident… ever. Several years later, however, Marissa and Trevor added Stella to the mix. As a Labrador-Pitbull-Boxer-Sharpei blend, Stella hasn't been quite so easy as her older sister. Instead, she's incredibly rambunctious, cuddly, and needy, with absolutely zero regards for personal space or boundaries. However, according to Marissa, she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Mella Likes

  • Quiet couch cuddles
  • Neck and belly rubs
  • American cheese slices
  • Swimming (seriously… she’s jumped in several of their friends’ pools and swam nearly halfway across Keuka Lake)

Stella Likes

  • Sleeping on the heads and necks of her humans
  • Chasing flies, accidentally killing them, and then pawing at them in the hopes that they’ll wake up and rejoin her game of “tag”
  • Nipping at Mella’s ankles
  • Eating futons, and carpets, and towels, and pillows, and any and all tags that she can find
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Mella Tolerates

  • Stella

Stella Tolerates

  • Belly rubs… she’s probably the only dog that doesn’t prefer to be rubbed on her belly

Mella Dislikes

  • Postal carriers
  • Anyone that comes to the door that she doesn’t know
  • Dogs or animals on the TV screen (loves them in person!)

Stella Dislikes

  • Black olives. She’ll eat literally anything else.
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