ROC Relocation


One of the services that my team and I pride ourselves on providing is assistance throughout the entire moving process. It's not enough to simply aid our clients in buying and selling real estate. Whether it's helping to coordinate painters, introducing our clients to local groups or networks around town, helping trailing spouses find local employment or ensuring that they've settled into their new neighborhood within the first year, no task is too big for our team. 

That being said, the vast majority of real estate agents around town simply do not have the resources or network to conduct business in this way. While that's great for our team, affording us the opportunity to shine, this gap in services has left many individuals moving in from outside of the area, particularly those new to the Rochester area, at a tremendous disadvantage. A great friend of mine, Holly Nobles, has not only zoned in on this problem, but has recently built a business centered around the solution. 

ROC Relocation is a relocation consulting business that provides highly customized destination orientation and settling-in services to those who find themselves new to the Rochester area. Having a remarkably impressive resume of moving experience herself, Holly knows how disorienting it can be to find yourself plucked from your home and dropped into a new city. And although we love our city and the people who inhabit it, many corporate relocation professionals might not be so thrilled to have missed the opportunity to settle into, say, New York City or Los Angeles... 

Holly's initial role, in many cases, is to convince people that which we already know: Rochester is an amazing place to live! These pre-arrival services  include neighborhood and school tours, comprehensive research of amenities that match personal interests, short-term rentals/temporary housing/executive hotels and much more. Arrival services consist of accompanying clients to their new home, helping with any move-in day tasks, connecting them with local service providers, and familiarizing them with their new neighborhood. (Or, in other words, showing them where the nearest Wegmans is...) Finally, Holly's settling-in services will do what so many others fail at: following through. Instead of dropping her clients off at their new home and wishing them luck, Holly continues to assist them by connecting them with great doctors, babysitters, housekeepers, interior designers, etc. She can also advise on finding furniture, fitness centers or places of worship, depending on the client’s needs. Most importantly, she'll organize social gatherings as a means for her clientele to network and connect with other local members of the community. 

If you or someone you know might benefit from these types of services, check out Holly's website at!