Meet Spooky!

Yvonne and her husband Aaron found Spooky down at Abbott’s at Charlotte beach in 2001. She was a stray kitten and it was Halloween, so naturally, they named her Spooky. Upon taking her to the vet, they discovered that Spooky actually had a BB in her leg! It was also estimated that she was about 2 or 3 years old, meaning that she’s pushin’ 100 by now… It’s true what they say about 9 lives! Spooky has moved with Yvonne and (her favorite) Aaron eight times and has acquired two human brothers, Kyle and Tyler, since being a part of the Lovenguth family. She even outlived her mischievous kitten sister, Mini. If you ever come across Spooky, feel free to call her Tabby, Nugget, or Spook-a-loop - she’ll answer to any of them!



  • Soft Food

  • Sleeping on my head

  • Going outside



  • Kids

  • Hard Food


  • Riding in the car

  • Too many people

  • Being moved while sleeping