ROC Spotlight Series - Maureen McGuire

What are you reading?

Oh man – I’ve got loads of books just waiting to be read! For the past year though, I’ve been drawn to long-format pieces in the New York Times. I subscribe to a bunch of newspapers online...but the Times is by far my favorite for the quality of the writing. Their science reporting is really accessible, for example. For leisure, you can’t beat the Magazine. Two weeks ago I read a remarkable story by C.J. Chivers called “The Fighter.” It’s about would-be mixed martial arts fighter Sam Siatta, a U.S Marine who who spent several years in prison after returning home from the war in Afghanistan. It was a fantastic long read. I’ve also got two books at my bedside right now. Markings by Dag Hammarskjold and Paris Stories (short stories by Mavis Gallant). I actually met Mavis once so am partial to her. Check her out!


What are you listening to?

A luscious CD by Irish singer Mary McPartland called The Holland Handkerchief. I listen to Mavis Staples a lot. And I’ve got everything by Steve Earle on standby. I recently downloaded a bunch of songs from Fleet Foxes.


Do you have a favorite podcast?

Podcast are not currently my thing. Fun fact though: several News 8 photographers listen to podcasts in the car and I LOVE it when I ride with them. Here’s Christian Ramirez. He’s a fan of PetaPixel.


What are you currently watching on TV?

Believe it or not, I don’t watch much TV. Lately it's either turned to news or re-runs of Law and Order!


What is the last movie you saw?

“Sing.” A night at the movies with nieces and nephew.


Who are you following on Twitter?

I use Twitter for work, so I follow news media folks pretty exclusively. The only exceptions are my siblings.


How do you spend your Sundays?

Work! My schedule is Sunday through Friday. This means Saturdays are super important. There is no typical day of rest for me. It's either buzz around town, or loll about at home. On the long New Year weekend, I cleared out a bunch of bookcases at home and kept books of sentimental value or that I have yet to read. So this year, I may actually be doing more of that on Sunday, than anything else. Not a bad resolution for 2017!