Home Highlight - Jen Newman & Tom Anderson

Our next Home Highlight features the magnificent home of our dear friends Jen Newman and Tom Anderson.  Other than our residence, Duffy and I spend more time in this property than any other. Actually, when the house came on the market for sale last year, I called to let them know that they needed to purchase it immediately. Sure, the home is spectacular, but selfishly, I was looking forward to settling in, myself! If you’ve ever driven by the Cobbs Hill Neighborhood and have seen the magnificent, impeccably preserved homes that rest on the hill, then you’ve likely spotted Jen’s and Tom’s. In fact, Jen aspired to live in one of those houses as a young girl, and just a year ago, saw this dream become a reality. This woodsy reprieve is somewhat of a hidden gem, having been completely renovated by the previous owner. It backs up to Washington Grove with 80 acres of giant old oaks, abundant wildlife (including a menacing fox), and fresh air – something that can be hard to come by in the City of Rochester. When asked about their three favorite things, this was their response…

No. 1 – Outdoor Spaces

Before reading any further, take a look at the photos of Jen’s and Tom’s backyard. Hard to believe that it’s located in the city, right? The first thing that Jen mentioned about their home was the work that went into reclaiming and renovating the outdoor spaces. Nestled within the hustle and bustle of the city is an oasis of nearly an acre of land, cobblestone pathways, beautiful trees, wildlife, etc. With the help of Woodstream Landscape, they knew that the overgrown space had the potential to become an outdoor retreat in the city to share with friends and family.


No. 2 – Dining Room/Sunroom

As somebody who loves to relax, appreciates comfortable and inviting décor, and enjoys spending quality time with her family, this dining room/sunroom combo is also one of Jen’s favorites.  She loves that having a more formal dining room has caused her family to eat more daily meals together.  They now eat dinner together nearly every night. The sunroom, which was once a porch, has now become the best room to nap in, and I would be willing to bet that her cat, Leo, and dog, Ginger, would agree!


No. 3 – Lower Level Family Room

As is the case with most nearly 100-year-old homes, Jen’s and Tom’s house does not have an open floor plan.  As a compromise, the lower level has become the home’s epicenter where the family congregates to enjoy each other’s company. When you enter this space you will spot an enormous Buffalo head mounted on the wall. Why? Jen thought that it would be the perfect gift for Tom, who happens to be an avid Bills fan. The only problem was that this big boy (called Ernie) weighs more than 250 pounds. Thankfully, they found a contractor willing to take on the challenge of mounting it. Nonetheless, it has become a perfect addition to their family room and if nothing else, serves as a great conversation starter!