Home Highlight - Meghan and Michael Mundy

If you’ve ever read or seen anything about Rochester’s Fashion Week, you can thank Meghan McNamara Mundy for that. Having studied at the Fashion Institute of Technology, Meghan founded Fashion Week of Rochester after moving here from New Jersey with her husband, Michael. The two of them have been in Rochester for the last 18 years, originally settling into a home that, ironically, was located down the street from their current one. Meghan recounts falling completely in love with Bonnie Brae Avenue in the Meadowbrook neighborhood, despite it being the one and only street that she and her husband had looked at upon their arrival into Rochester. Eventually, the two decided that a home a few doors down had all of the charm and character of the first one, but with the space necessary to house their two daughters, Caitlin and Tara, and two dogs, Tux and Daisy. With a background in fashion, it’s no surprise that Meghan takes pride in the aesthetic of her home. Every corner is dripping in art, history, and nostalgia. Not a single piece of furniture feels stuffy or uptight. Instead, each room feels culturally sophisticated, lived in, and cozy. Many of the pieces that grace the Mundy home are a result of Meghan’s collection and inspiration from her travels to Capetown, Africa, where her sister currently resides. When asked about their three favorite things, this was her response…


No. 1 – Living Room (in winter)

First of all, how stunning is this living room? At Meghan’s request, the fireplace, which was originally run by gas, was converted to wood to give the room a homier feel. As the crackling wood emitted that familiar aroma of coziness, it was clear that she had made the right decision… The décor in this room is made up primarily of tokens and trinkets from their recent travels. For example, the piece above the fireplace is a painting that Meghan gave to her husband for Christmas. The painting is based off of a trip to Africa where their family enjoyed a cup of coffee under that very same 480 year old tree. Similarly, the framed picture above the brown leather seat is actually a prayer rug that Meghan got at a market during her travels.


No. 2 – Den

While the Mundy family spends most of their time in their outdoor living space during warmer months, winter brings everyone together in the den. Meghan joked that some of the pillow corners had been chewed by Tux and Daisy, but took pride in the fact that this brought charm and character to her family home. She emphasized that instead of spending too much time revamping or renovating, they preferred to travel and decorate their home with pieces of art from all over the world. This piece below, for example, was found in a flea market somewhere in Africa. Placed right below the skylight in the den, it’s almost as if it were meant to be.


No. 3 – The ART

As you’ve probably guessed by now, the Mundy home centers around art and culture. Whether a collection from their travels, or a repurposed piece from elsewhere in the home, the décor truly gives a tangible sense of vitality, vibrancy, and inspiration. What was most remarkable was that nothing was placed on the walls for show. In other words, every piece of art was hung up to tell a story. In the kitchen, there is a painting of a New Jersey highway given as a present for Meghan and Michael’s 20th wedding anniversary. It’s meant to symbolize the highway that they passed every day while commuting to New York from New Jersey. Keeping memories like this, strung up on the walls where you can revisit them daily, is a constant reminder of where you’ve been and where you may be headed.


BONUS! While there, Tux was more than ready for his close up. Not only did he strike this serious, statuesque pose, but he kept it for over five minutes while Jaclyn clicked away! Hysterical!