ROC Spotlight Series


What are you reading?

At the moment, I’m finishing up Ron Chernow’s biography of Washington. I read through his opus on Alexander Hamilton last year and loved his writing style and attention to detail. Looking forward to the opportunity to push toward the end of this one! So far, it’s been a great read. I thoroughly enjoy reading presidential biographies, but also try and squeeze in a couple classics every year... and a few books on business.

What are you listening to?

My musical tastes run the gamete. At the moment, I’m listening to Prokofiev Piano Concertos #3. As a board member for the RPO, Duffy and I attend many of their concerts. Often time, my musical selections revolve around preparing for whatever concert it is that we’re going to be enjoying in a week’s time.


What is the last album or song that you downloaded?

January and February are usually slower months for new and contemporary music. This is usually the time of year that I revert back to classic albums that I may have missed along the way. Most recently, I’ve enjoyed Bruce Springsteen’s Nebraska and Buffalo Springfield’s Again, their second album. There’s a reason why these are revered albums… the song writing is absolutely phenomenal! 


Do you have a favorite podcast(s)?

NPR’s All Songs Considered is my go-to for exploring new music.


What are you currently watching on TV?

My television watching experience is seasonal. When the real estate market begins to slow down in November of every year, I begin to binge watch, with Duffy, all of those buzz worthy shows that gained popularity in the preceding six months. My two favorite television shows of late are Fargo and Mr. Robot. Again, great stuff!


What is the last movie you saw?

The Revenant. Until this film, I was never a Leonardo DiCaprio fan. The film was beautifully filmed, had a majesty and grandeur unlike most films that I’ve ever seen.


Who are you following on Twitter?

It’s important to me to know what’s going on locally around Rochester, and Twitter is a perfect arena to keep up. Not only is this of interest to me, but it’s also very much a part of my job. Bob Duffy and Rachel Barnhart are two friends that I follow daily.


How do you spend your Sundays?

If I’m fortunate, I’m waking up at my place in Hammondsport overlooking Keuka Lake. On Sundays, I’m usually reading the New York Times and the Democrat and Chronicle, while listening to whatever it is that the RPO is performing next. Because of the nature of my job, I usually have three or four hour’s worth of work to accomplish mid-afternoon. And then if I’m lucky, in the evenings Duffy and I will enjoy dinner and a movie, often times alone. Sunday nights are one of the few nights during the week that Duffy and I can unwind without a cast of thousands!