Home Highlight - Susan Kramarsky & Larry Merrill

I’m sure that at one point or another, we’ve all dreamt of living in the midst of a magical, enchanted forest. Or maybe that’s just me… Either way, few of us actually get to live out that dream. For my dear friends Susan Kramarsky and Larry Merrill, this dream is not only a reality, but is simply considered home. Situated above a ravine, entangled within the magnificent trees of Durand Eastman Park, and surrounded by a family of enchanting deer, sits a charming home fit for a fairy tale. While I could go on and on about the whimsical features of Susan and Larry’s property, it’s probably much more effective to show you… When asked about their three favorite things, here’s what they said:

No. 1 – Location, Location, Location

As any good realtor will tell you, location matters. And this house is ALL about the location… At the time, Susan and Larry were not in the market to purchase a home. Actually, she joked that she has spent more time fussing over a pair of boots than deciding whether or not to buy this house! They loved it so much that they bought it outright, and with the exception of some fresh paint, didn’t change a thing. While still spectacular from the outside, the true magic comes when you step inside. The windows in each room make incredible use of the location, so that at no point are you able to forget where you are. The four outdoor decks and a Juliet balcony on the top floor allow you to soak in views of the perennial garden and ravine, below. Susan enjoys their home most in the winter, and on this particular day, it wasn’t hard to see why. As the light snowfall sprinkled down, I had to stop for a moment and make sure that I wasn’t trapped in one of Larry’s beautiful photographs.

No. 2 – Open Concept Design

Another incredible aspect of Susan and Larry’s home is the use of space. With the open concept design, you are never too far from a window, allowing you to really take in the best features of the property. The brightly lit kitchen, dining room, and living room act as the heart of the home and merely accentuate the grandeur of the setting. Humble brag alert: I can attest to the true beauty and functionality of this home, as I have the privilege of enjoying dinner at Susan and Larry’s every few weeks… It’s every bit as magnificent as it appears in these photos!


No. 3 – Bathroom

Finally, Susan gushed about their exquisite bathroom with quirky, meticulous fixtures and details that have been left untouched since the previous owner. With five windows and a skylight above the bathtub, I think you would have to physically pry me out of such luxury each morning. The bathroom connects to the master bedroom, which, of course, is flooded with natural sunlight and adorned with large windows and skylights. Who wouldn’t want to live here!?