ROC Spotlight Series - Molly Dillon Flaherty

What are you reading?
As cliche’ as it may be, right now I am immersing myself in the rules of the Game On Diet book. As opposed as I am to “diets” or “quick fix” weight loss scams, I am intrigued by this overall challenge in accepting, embracing and enhancing overall healthy living and lifestyle choices. Marry that up with some fun competition and smack-talking and now you are right in my wheelhouse. But I always have to have two books going, depending on my mood and surroundings, so also have my stand-by choice for re-centering myself in times of chaos, The Tao of Pooh. I am quite certain that choice is self-explanatory...

What are you listening to?  
Peter Gabriel is bringing me comfort on long, late nights. Weirdly proud of the fact that I have David Guetta, Pitbull, my girl Pink and Ed Sheeran as my go-to artists for any last-minute spin/workout playlists I have to compile. Anything country playing when in the car with my kids because it neutralizes the masses. And Spotify’s “Discover Weekly” playlist when I get to listen to whatever I want. It is so delightful to have a playlist created for me that I really don’t care what is actually being compiled!

What is the last album or song that you downloaded? 
I plead the 5th.  It’s just too embarrassing….

Do you have a favorite podcast(s)?
If I was 100% sure of what a podcast actually is, I would undoubtedly ask my oldest daughter what hers is and pretend it’s mine. But she would instinctively know that I don’t know and would mock me for that fact.

What are you currently watching on TV?  
ESPN. Because it’s what my husband and sons watch on the upstairs tv when I am home. I will travel to the basement if I hear the older kids have on “Impractical Jokers” or “Modern Family” reruns. Other than that, I truly watch NO television.

What is the last movie you saw?  
In the theaters, “Sisters” with my two sisters and my four daughters. And I would live that day over time and time again if I could. On television, “Valentine’s Day” last night with my middle daughters who called it “vintage.” 

Who are you following on Twitter?  
My oldest son, who is a sophomore at Clemson handles my Twitter “handle” for M/Body. Simply because I don’t hit Twitter much as a daily habit. However, he LOVES Kevin Hart’s feed. And then he refused to tell me his other favorites…which leads me to believe they are inappropriate.  

How do you spend your Sundays?  
My FAVORITE day of the week. Except for one charity function a month, Sundays are my one day where I try not to go into work. I simply drink in every second of what used to seem sometimes a hassle for me as we shuttle kids to hockey, sports, Irish dance, church (unless we go on Saturday evening). But now, these events are so welcomed as it gives me a chance to rediscover each one of my incredible kids. We try for Sunday dinner together…sometimes with guests (Grandparents and Mark and Duffy are our favorite Sunday supper guests) and sometimes with as many kids as we can gather. Regardless, it is our time to center the Flaherty aura back to home base!