Home Highlight - Jane Zimmet

When Jane Zimmet moved into her home five years ago, she immediately fell in love with the old charm and character that is so often found within the borders of the historic Browncroft neighborhood. That being said, while “antique” can be lovely to view from afar, the same is not always said for its functionality and ease of living. As a result, Jane decided to take on a massive renovation project that included a complete overhaul of her kitchen, the restoration of the existing gardens, and the creation of a functional backyard. Although an enormous project, it was incredibly important to Jane that the integrity and framework of the home remain intact. Modern amenities would only be welcomed if they did not interfere with the character that makes such historic homes so sought after. When asked about her three favorite features of the home, this was her response…


No. 1 – Kitchen Remodel

Perhaps the biggest overhaul of this home was the redesign and renovation of the kitchen. After moving in, Jane knew that the existing area was much too small for her family’s needs. She consulted with trusted contractor, Adam Frank, to devise a plan that would give them more space without entirely compromising the footprint of the home. The finished product resulted in the removal of the original chimney, as well as the additional porch. While Jane recognizes the convenience of having the refrigerator where the porch once was, she did admit to missing the extra space as it was great for keeping food cold and providing an access point to her exterior veggie garden. Nonetheless, the stunning new kitchen has provided the home with a much needed update.

No. 2 – The Gardens

One of the other wildly popular features of the Browncroft neighborhood are the stunning exterior gardens. In fact, just this past year, the Browncroft Neighborhood Association decided to host its first garden walk through. Not surprisingly, Jane’s garden was a feature on the tour… Beautiful!

No. 3 – Sunroom

After a myriad of Home Highlights, it has become abundantly apparent that the “sunroom” is almost always an automatic favorite when people talk about what it is that they love about their home. Perhaps it has to do with a sunroom’s inherent coziness factor. Or its ability to allow for one to soak in some much-needed Vitamin D. Maybe it simply stems from the feeling that it provides of being outdoors when colder months preclude you from doing so. Jane’s sunroom was once a screened in porch, with exterior doors that provided access to the home. While the doors have remained intact, Jane converted the room by closing off the walls and adding heat, allowing for the space to remain functional all year round.