ROC Spotlight Series - Karen Haberer-Gallagher

What are you reading?

What’s a book? If you count Golden Books I have read a ton.  Honestly, the last book I read was “The Help” a few years ago.  I couldn’t put it down……Minny making that Chocolate Pie…priceless…..

BUT, I have to say, I do make time for my magazines….anything gardening….

What are you listening to?

Literally right now, my husband and I are sitting on the back porch listening to“ Radio Mystery Theatre” …that’s his thing…I do make fun of him as we are listening to it, but I do enjoy it also.

As far as music goes…. I like a bit of everything – depends on my mood. Just not country… I really do try, though!

What are you currently watching on TV?

IF I sit down for 5 min…I’ll throw on HGTV or the cooking channel like everyone else in the world. However, I’m more of a binge watcher… If you’re like me, here are some binge-worthy shows:

1)      DRUNK HISTORY! Hysterical!!!

2)      Grace and Frankie

3)      Casual

4)      Bloodline

I also just finished three seasons of Transgender on Amazon prime…and loved it. Some shows that I save to watch when I have time are Modern Family (of course) and Blacklist. I’m still so sad Downton Abby ended…not over it.

What is the last movie you saw?

“The Great Gilly Hopkins” was cute, which I watched while folding a million loads of laundry... Rented On Demand, of course, because if our cable bill is under $250, my husband isn’t happy!  The kids and I like watching him open up the bill and hear him exclaim “OH MY WORD, what is wrong with you people?”  That never gets old.

Who are you following on Twitter?

I don’t tweet, but I do enjoy watching Jimmy Kimmel’s mean tweets….

How do you spend your Sundays?

I love being home on Sunday’s with the family. Catching up on housework, yard work, and wondering why John keeps on going to Wegmans. Apparently they sell food there…

Albert, the love of my life.

Albert, the love of my life.