Home Highlight - Lauren Dixon & Mike Schwabl

Ever wonder what the inside of the homes of some of Rochester's elite look like? Are they adorned with exquisite art pieces and impressive detail? Are the views breathtaking and grandiose? For my dear friends Lauren Dixon and her husband Mike Schwabl, the answer is yes… to all of it! Lauren, CEO of Dixon Schwabl, was generous enough to open her home and sit down with our team to talk about the three aspects that she loves most about her family's home on Canandaigua Lake. And let me tell you, she did not disappoint!

When you open the doors of their family home of 25 years, you are instantly transported to a magical place. The whimsical, charming, and playful details splashed throughout every room are impossible to ignore. After a complete tear down about 8 years ago, Lauren explained that the rebuilding of their home was centered around their large family of twelve. With four beautiful children and an adorable grandson to boot, every detail was methodically planned out to accommodate frequent family gatherings. When Lauren and Mike aren’t running one of Rochester’s most successful companies, or boating on Canandaigua Lake, they spend their time cooking for their family and enjoying their beautiful home!

When asked to pick just three features that she loves the most, this was her response:


No. 1: Glass Art Piece above the Kitchen Island

As you walk through the front door into the beautiful kitchen, you are instantly mesmerized by the colorful glass art piece above their kitchen island. This piece of art was designed and created specifically for the family, as a compromise for Lauren’s request to have a replica made of Chihuly’s Fiori di Como in Las Vegas’s Bellagio. The glasswork on this piece was done by the talented Elizabeth Lyons, while Paul Knoblauch took care of all of the metalwork. Incredible!

No. 2: “Chihuly” Chandelier in Foyer

In keeping with the Chihuly theme, Lauren’s second favorite aspect of their home is this magnificent chandelier hanging in the foyer. Interestingly enough, Lauren found this on an art broker’s website from Washington, D.C. for a fraction of the cost of a typical Chihuly. When she questioned why the price was so much lower, the broker informed her that this piece was made by an apprentice of Chihuly that worked for him for thirteen years! Eventually, the apprentice was put out of business, making this piece one of four ever to be made by the rogue designer.

No. 3: MacKenzie-Childs Train Table

As an avid lover of MacKenzie-Childs, this piece of furniture was a no-brainer on Lauren’s list of favorites. This exquisite train table, hand painted and beautifully crafted, is the perfect size for Sunday dinners for their family of twelve. Lauren made sure to mention that as more grandchildren are welcomed into the family, it’ll be time to expand the furniture!

BONUS: Bathroom Ceiling Faucet

Okay… have you ever seen something so remarkable in a bathroom? This magnificent faucet jets out of the cathedral ceiling and doubles as a piece of hand painted art – of course, it follows the MacKenzie-Childs theme of the rest of the home!