Home Highlight - Sandy & Andy Johnson

Could you imagine living in college housing for a great portion of your adult life? Granted, your days in college dorm rooms may have been a little different…. but for the past 22 years, before their official move to Pittsford in June of 2014, my dear friends Sandy and Andy Johnson did just that. Sandy has been an administrator at a myriad of colleges and universities, which afforded her the opportunity to live in college housing with her husband, Andy. Andy, who runs a small health care company out of Manhattan, joked that while some of their living arrangements weren’t so bad, some were definitely not great... When Sandy accepted the job as Senior VP of Student Affairs at RIT, this would be the first time that the two of them would own a home together with their two teenage boys, Caleb and Daniel. When asked about their three favorite things about their home, this was their response…

No. 1: Entertaining Spaces

The first thing that Andy pointed out about their home was the many areas that they have for entertaining. Sandy Johnson is much more than a Senior VP of Student Affairs, a title that many students probably roll their eyes at elsewhere. Sandy and Andy take such an interest in the students at RIT, that they invite every single one of them – all 15,000 – to have Thanksgiving dinner at their home every year. Out of a sheer love to entertain and connect with the students, events like this give international students (some that have never had a Thanksgiving dinner) a chance to see American customs and traditions, first hand.

No. 2: Kitchen

Unsurprisingly, a love to entertain is usually followed by a love to cook! Andy jested that while he can cook for no more than about 4 or 5, Sandy is much more equipped to prepare meals for 35+ people. This undoubtedly comes in handy when students come over, as their beautiful kitchen is perfect for cooking for large groups of people.

No. 3: Outdoor Patio

Their third favorite feature of their home, for obvious reasons, is their stunning pergola in their outdoor patio. Unfortunately, the image below doesn’t quite do it justice, as it doesn’t appear nearly as inviting as it is during warmer months. I fondly remember having enjoyed dinner there back in August, and can attest to the fact that it’s gorgeous, functional, and cozy! When they first moved in, Andy thought that Sandy said the pergola would be a “three year plan.” However, as marriage often goes, what she really meant was a three month plan. The design and construction was handled by Steve Firlit, who works with many of our clients and continues to improve our own place down in Hammondsport!


BONUS! Who doesn’t love a couple of adorable black labs? This list wouldn’t be complete without Britney and Charlotte!!