What Worked? What Didn’t?

As my team and I buckle up for the resurgence of the real estate market, I’ve found it both therapeutic and tremendously beneficial to reflect upon what worked (and what didn’t work!) for the team dynamic and customer experience in the last year.


  • Last year was all about further committing to the development of our staff. It’s one thing to grow for the sake of growing- it's something completely different to grow and do so intelligently. Adding a Client Concierge was incredibly helpful and, time and time again, our buyers and sellers really responded to it! Whether it was securing quotes from contractors, meeting movers and letting them in, or simply checking on a home if clients were out of town, our client concierge was our go-to for all things customer service related!
  • Similarly, the addition of a Social Media Coordinator allowed me to stay in closer touch with my friends and clients. I had a better sense as to what was going on in their lives and had the chance to share what was happening in mine (both in and outside of work)! Additionally, freeing up some time allowed me to spend more quality time with clients and prospective clients. Whether it was a meeting in person, a chat on the phone, or a conversation over dinner, this increased communication with our clients has allowed for the development of really strong, solid, and enduring relationships!
  • The level of expertise that each individual member of our team has developed over the years has allowed the Executive Team to narrow focus and become an expert in their particular part of the real estate experience.
  • In short, sales were consistently up between 30-40% each month compared to sales from 2014. We concluded 2015 having sold $59,000,000 worth of real estate!

THE GROWING PAINS… and how to move forward!

  • While we were expecting an increase of around 15%, we certainly didn’t anticipate or prepare for a 40% jump! Even with increased attention on the growth of our staff, by the conclusion of the spring market, we found ourselves shorthanded. While our clients mostly enjoyed a positive experience, it was due to the fact that the team had to endure long pressure-filled hours, week after week during the spring season.
  • To solve this problem, we’ve increased our Social Media Coordinator from part-time to full-time. Our Client Concierge is also in the process of training someone to replace his position, as he makes the transition to the sales side of our team! We’ve also recently added a Sales Executive, and will be introducing another by the end of the month!
  • This was the first year of our Tony Hsieh-inspired culture via Delivering Happiness. For the most part, it worked really well – but we’re always brainstorming new ways to increase the customer experience and bring it to the next level! In our quest to further become the Wegmans of local real estate, we recently talked about Maslow’s pyramid of needs using the book Peak as a backdrop. In this coming year, we’re hoping to fulfill our clients unexpected and unanticipated needs – not simply their expressed needs.
  • We’ve recently purchased and are being trained in a CRM through Salesforce, which, ultimately, we’re hoping will stream line the entire process! Stay tuned!