Our Growing Business

The Great Recession officially began more than six years ago in December of 2007. I first began to see cracks in the wall of the local real estate market six months later- in the spring of 2008. Like so many, as I saw the stock market plummet, fear set in. I had payroll to make and bills to pay and nobody knew when the economic turndown was going to end. Actually, we didn't even know if it was going get worse before it got better. I kept thinking that I needed to remain focused on the recovery. Eventually, things would get better. When the economy finally did improve and clients were once again buying, I wanted my business to explode. Well, as we all know, it’s been a difficult recovery. My business, post-recession, did not explode. Don’t get me wrong. It’s been great- just not what I had hoped for. Post-recession, I've continued to tell myself to do the right thing and keep my eyes on the prize. Eventually, I would attain the goals that I had set. 

As Oscar Wilde said, “Be careful what you wish for, it may come true.” (Isn't everything always attributed to either Oscar Wilde or Mark Twain?)

Well, this is the year that our focus seems to be paying off. While Monroe County real estate sales have decreased 5% year to date, my team and I have experienced an 18% increase in sales! We've sold close to $27,000,000 in residential real estate in the first six months of this year. We’re exhausted and we’re thrilled! So, what’s going on? Why are we bucking the trend? A quick overview of how it is that we've finally been able to overtake the headwinds that have held us back:


•    Working with Jim Mahan, our executive coach, has really paid off. He’s helped us to create the platform from which we can effectively grow our sales. http://www.vitalwork.com/vitalwork-biographies.htm#james
•    The response to Dixon-Schwabl’s (http://dixonschwabl.com/) revamp of our website has been really well received. It’s crisp, clean, informative, and fun. Check it out!
•    Adding our listing coordinator, Jaclyn Bertola, to the team has elevated our level of service to new highs. Everyone loves her kind, warm response to the stressful process of selling their property. She was the perfect addition to the team! 
•    Spending prodigious amounts of money on print advertising, internet marketing, and social media- all in an effort to promote our inventory of listings- is clearly paying off. 
•    Finally, our clients seem to appreciate philanthropy. We frequently hear a prospective client telling us that they've decided to use us because we supported a charity that was important to them. This isn't the reason that we contribute to the community, however, we’re grateful for the recognition. 

In short, thank you. More than three quarters of our business continues to be referral-based. We promise to continue to do our best to fulfill the expectation that you create when referring your family and friends!