Meet Nicole!

The Mark Siwiec Team is made up of a group of people dedicated to helping you find the right home, make the right move, and get the most out of your buying or selling experience. They’re a friendly bunch, and they’re at the top of their game. I’d like you to get to know them!

Nicole Martyniuk
Office Manager
Team member since 2010

What is your dream vacation?
I would love to charter a catamaran, including a captain and chef, with a couple of friends and island hop around the Caribbean.

What is your favorite thing about living in Rochester?
It has a little bit of a lot—you can live on the water, there are good restaurants, it has a lot to offer culturally and geographically. It’s well-rounded.

What is your dream house?
It probably would be on the water, with a big deck, a wood-burning fireplace, something with a lot of architectural detail, big windows and lots of light. 


What is your perfect meal?
It depends if I want to be good or bad ... good, broiled sea bass lightly seasoned with long-grain rice and grilled vegetables. Or, if I want to indulge, mac and cheese from Dinosaur BBQ, with fried green tomatoes and cornbread.

What does a typical day at work look like for you?
I make sure everyone has what they need to get their jobs done. I run our comparable market analysis, oversee any leads we get, meet with agents to help them stay on track, and make sure we’re doing everything we can to meet our customers’ and our agents’ needs. 

Where can we find you when you’re not at the office?
Right now—sitting on my couch! My life’s going to change so much when my daughter is born in April. I spend a lot of time with friends and family, cooking, exercising. 

What has been the highlight of the past 12 months, and what are you looking forward to in the next 12 months? 
The highlight over the past few months was finding out we were pregnant, and I'm looking forward to watching our little girl grow, smile and say her first word over the next year. 

What is the last album you downloaded?
Settle, by Disclosure. Mark introduced me to Disclosure when we were having our team photos done.  It is feel-good music that makes you want to dance. You can't be unhappy when it's on! 

What is the last book read?
Bad Habits, by Jenny McCarthy. It was a gift from a childhood friend. If you grew up in a Catholic family, went to church or Sunday school and questioned what you were being told, you will find the book very funny and definitely be able to relate!

If you could excel in one artistic attribute, what would it be?
Modern dance and singing.

Who has inspired you the most?
My mom. She was a single mom from a young age and showed my sister and I how to be strong and independent women.