Circular Logic

Houses, more than any single thing I’ve ever encountered, are reflections of people’s personalities. And when it’s your job to sell them, you finish the week with a lot of interesting stories. It’s the reason I started this blog in the first place. Unfortunately, experience has taught me that I can’t share 80% of these stories for one of two reasons: either a) the humor is subtle or esoteric enough as to be tough to convey on the written page, or more commonly ... b) names really couldn’t be changed enough to protect the innocent (or guilty).

One thing that gave me a chuckle happened recently, however, that I thought I’d convey.

I started the week with a fantastic listing in the city for $320,000. A really spectacular house—great layout, appealing lot, a real winner. An offer came in from a buyer for $310,000; we countered at $317,000. Their comeback? $314,159.26. It was the oddest number I’d ever seen written on a contract. We were puzzled, but we accepted.

The next day, I learned that the buyer was a mathematics professor at a local university. True story. Some light fare that I thought I’d share with you as we head into the weekend ... which I hope you enjoy.

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