Conversations with a Buyer’s Agent

In our last blog post, we talked a lot about the importance of having a buyer's agent and the benefits that come with it. You may recall that: 1) a buyer’s agent is free of charge, 2) your interests are the agent’s primary concern and 3) a great buyer’s agent will have a wealth of local knowledge to share with you. Now that you have a buyer’s agent on your side, and you’ve spent $0 on their services, let’s talk about the types of conversations you can expect to have with your agent.

Understanding the Circumstances (Recommended YouTube Background Song: Bill Withers—Lean On Me)

A buyer’s agent is there for you when you’re not strong and when you need a friend to help you carry on. To be that person, though, a buyer’s agent needs to get to know more about you and your circumstances.

You can expect to have conversations about why you want to buy a house, when you’d like to buy a house, where you’re looking to buy and who are you buying with. Additionally, a great buyer’s agent will conduct in-depth conversations about your personal circumstances and how they might impact your purchase. For example: Are there or will there be children in the family? Do you need to be worried about schools and school districts? Will this be a short-term or long-term purchase? Are you handy or will you have to hire a contractor to replace a dead light bulb?

The reason for all of these conversations is so you feel comfortable working with a buyer’s agent, and so the buyer’s agent can work at his or her most effective for you.

Let’s Get It Started/Finding the Right Home (Recommended YouTube Background Song:Black Eyed Peas—Let’s Get It Started)

After understanding the circumstances around your desire to buy, your agent will then give you the green light to start exploring the housing market. Don’t worry, though; this isn’t a process you’ll have to go through alone.

The buyer’s agents on our team will customize your search so you are seeing up-to-the-minute listings via email. The best listings will often sell within the first 24 hours on the market. We know how to get you through these homes immediately—before they sell. Due to the large number of sales our team transacts every year, more often than not, we’re about to walk prospective buyers through our new listing even before the house is available to the general public. This puts you at a tremendous competitive advantage over other prospective buyers.

Worried that your assigned broker is double-booked and can’t walk through with you? No problem. We have a team at the ready to serve your needs.

Closing the Deal (Recommended YouTube Background Song: Michael Bublé—Feeling Good)

When you’ve found the right house and you’re ready to sign the dotted line, you’ll want to have Michael Bublé’s song on hand. But before you sign, your buyer’s agent will need to have some final conversations with you.

Once you find the right property, the buyer’s agent will provide you with comparable sales to determine what sales price is appropriate and attainable. Once accepted, our buyer’s agent will help schedule inspections and negotiate the contingency removal. They’ll then shepherd the transaction to close, working with your attorney, any mortgage brokers, etc.

Our team prides itself on constant contact during this whole process, reaching out to troubleshoot any issues until the transfer of title is concluded. We want to make sure that when you finally press play, and start feeling good, you truly do feel good.

Final Thoughts

First-time homebuyer? We’re having an event at 80 Westminster Road on January 22 from 5:30 to 7:30pm. The speakers will talk about the entire home-buying process and take your questions. All the while, you can eat food catered by Green Zebra. We hope to see you there!

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