Meet Spooky!

Yvonne and her husband Aaron found Spooky down at Abbott’s at Charlotte beach in 2001. She was a stray kitten and it was Halloween, so naturally, they named her Spooky. Upon taking her to the vet, they discovered that Spooky actually had a BB in her leg! It was also estimated that she was about 2 or 3 years old, meaning that she’s pushin’ 100 by now… It’s true what they say about 9 lives! Spooky has moved with Yvonne and (her favorite) Aaron eight times and has acquired two human brothers, Kyle and Tyler, since being a part of the Lovenguth family. She even outlived her mischievous kitten sister, Mini. If you ever come across Spooky, feel free to call her Tabby, Nugget, or Spook-a-loop - she’ll answer to any of them!



  • Soft Food

  • Sleeping on my head

  • Going outside



  • Kids

  • Hard Food


  • Riding in the car

  • Too many people

  • Being moved while sleeping


FAQ - Why Should I Use a Team?


Before answering this question, let me first address the number one concern that prospective clients pose, “Will I ever see or hear from you?” The simple and direct answer is an emphatic “YES!” There are many different team models and strategies, some more successful than others. My model ensures that our team of skilled professionals are engaged in their particular area of expertise so that I can spend my time working with clients.

OK. So, why use a team?

  • Each member of our team has a particular expertise. In other words, you’re enjoying the benefits of having multiple professionals working on your behalf.

  • We can be in multiple places at the same time – a benefit that proves to be incredibly useful when you sell over $63,000,000 worth of real estate a year!

  • As a result of having thirteen colleagues, we sell more property. As a result of selling more property, our clients benefit. How? Our buyers are made aware of our listings before they hit the market. In turn, our sellers have a multitude of buyers focused exclusively on your listing early and often.

  • As a result of our team, you have a professional focused solely on ensuring that deadlines are met and your transaction closes in a timely manner – with less stress.

  • Still not convinced? Think of your doctor – one highly trained professional supported by a group of specialists. This system works.

  • Finally, there are more of us to enjoy. Seriously! I love my team – and so do our clients. Everyone is warm, engaged, sympathetic, and kind. Why wouldn’t you want to spend your time with affable professionals?

Meet Nala and Charlie!


Dana Epperson adopted Nala, a Basenji/Pitbull mix, when she was just 2 weeks old! She was so young, in fact, that she had to bottle feed her every 4 hours until she was able to eat food on her own. For those of you unfamiliar with a Basenji, it is an African hound breed that doesn't have vocal cords! Instead of barking, they yodel. Nala still has her vocal cords, but she rarely barks. After moving to North Carolina and marrying her husband, Kelson, the two of them decided to expand their furry family by adopting Charlie, a Golden Retriever/German Shepard mix. Having come from a family with a special needs child, Charlie has an incredibly empathetic and loving demeanor. When their daughter, Addison, was born, both Nala and Charlie took to her immediately. Nala, in particular, has become Addison's best friend, loyally following the adventurous 2-year-old everywhere she goes! 

IMG_20180315_184026_567 (1).jpg



  • Her little sister, Addison
  • LOVES car rides! But she only sits in the passenger seat
  • Invading people's personal space
  • Sucking on blankets like a pacifier... it's a habit she picked up as a puppy and never stopped!


  • When we tell him that he's a good boy
  • When Addison "accidentally" drops food
  • Running wild through the snow
  • Sleeping on the floor of the shower during the summer



  • When she isn't the center of attention
  • When we tell her that she can't sleep under the covers at night
  • Getting her paws wet or cold


  • Being left alone
  • When Kelson tickles his paws
  • Being the "middle" child



  • Kelson's crazy "ideas" like putting a diaper on her, or dressing her in Addison's old clothes
  • Baths
  • Snuggles with Kelson, because momma cuddles are best!


  • Addison's horseback rides
  • Trips to the groomers
  • When we try to take him running

Meet Mella & Stella Horne!


Marissa and her fiance, Trevor, welcomed Carmella (Mella for short) six years ago when she was just a 5-pound ball of caramel colored fur. Due to the combination of Rottweiler, Labrador, and Husky breeds, Mella quickly grew into her 90-pound frame. From the very beginning, Mella was an incredibly smart, unbelievably behaved, and eerily human-like member of the family, having only ONE accident… ever. Several years later, however, Marissa and Trevor added Stella to the mix. As a Labrador-Pitbull-Boxer-Sharpei blend, Stella hasn't been quite so easy as her older sister. Instead, she's incredibly rambunctious, cuddly, and needy, with absolutely zero regards for personal space or boundaries. However, according to Marissa, she wouldn’t have it any other way!

Mella Likes

  • Quiet couch cuddles
  • Neck and belly rubs
  • American cheese slices
  • Swimming (seriously… she’s jumped in several of their friends’ pools and swam nearly halfway across Keuka Lake)

Stella Likes

  • Sleeping on the heads and necks of her humans
  • Chasing flies, accidentally killing them, and then pawing at them in the hopes that they’ll wake up and rejoin her game of “tag”
  • Nipping at Mella’s ankles
  • Eating futons, and carpets, and towels, and pillows, and any and all tags that she can find
Image-1 (7).jpg
Image-1 (6).jpg

Mella Tolerates

  • Stella

Stella Tolerates

  • Belly rubs… she’s probably the only dog that doesn’t prefer to be rubbed on her belly

Mella Dislikes

  • Postal carriers
  • Anyone that comes to the door that she doesn’t know
  • Dogs or animals on the TV screen (loves them in person!)

Stella Dislikes

  • Black olives. She’ll eat literally anything else.
Image-1 (5).jpg

Get to Know the Team - Jennifer Wolfe


What were you doing before you joined the Mark Siwiec team?

Before joining the team, I practiced as a social worker in both Rochester and Philadelphia. My roles at both UR Medicine and University of Pennsylvania focused on building relationships and serving others, making the transition into Client Relations for the Mark Siwiec Team a natural fit! 

Where can we find you when you're not at the office?

I am a true homebody! I love being at home with my husband Mike, my kids Emma (11) and Connor (8) and our furry kids Mr. Beefy (an English Bulldog), Miss Kitty and Deliliah. Reading is my true joy and I am usually found reading a good book after tucking the kids into bed. When the weather cooperates, I love gardening with Emma, if I can bribe her to get covered in dirt! Where you will NOT find me? The grocery store. Hate it. Thank goodness for Instacart!


Describe your dream vacation.

My dream vacation would be with my husband. Sorry kids. Someplace on the beach with no clocks. I would be able to sleep in, then drink coffee and lounge in the shade (with a book of course). Nobody bothering us and no chores to do. I may even nap on the beach. At night, a great dinner out with music and my hubbie. After a few days of laziness, we would explore the town and enjoy the culture. Most recently, we went to San Juan and just wandered the town, enjoying the street vendors and soaking up the vibe. 

What does a typical Sunday look like for you?

Sundays are sleep in days, the one day we give ourselves permission to be lazy. We usually lay low with family, sometimes going out to breakfast, other days we spend the day swimming, watching movies or having Sunday dinner with my mom. We try not to over-schedule and spend the day enjoying each other before the work and school week starts.


What has been the highlight of the past 12 months, and what are you looking forward to most in the next 12 months?

The highlight of my past year is, well, this may sound strange......the highlight was adding a new family member to our tribe, our English bulldog Mr. Beefy. My husband has dreamed of having a bulldog for years but the time never seemed quite right. I located a breeder locally and surprised him with Mr. Beefy one Sunday morning. It has been true love ever since. Mr. Beefy has added so much love to our house and some laughs too (he is literally like a bull in a china shop!).